Jun 30

Planning Ahead

We all love a well finished beautiful looking project, even the more when it all goes together well especially on time and on budget. Although there have been many times where lack of preparation and planning have compromised the overall appearance of the project. Over the years we have watched, learned and took our time …

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May 20

Energy Dollars

Although energy-saving improvements can save money on energy bills, it seems as though you have to spend alot of green to do it. If your house is a candidate for large repairs, or upgrades the cost could be reduced. The Federal Government offers a few programs to help relieve overall cost.

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May 13

Saving Energy

As we come to a close of the year there still are in fact many ways we can conserve energy and also, even put some of those savings in more meaningful places around the home. Here are a few ideas, we all know about light bulbs, but are consumers aware of the savings that come …

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May 09

Prevent House Fires

Built-up lint inside dryer cabinets causes more than 15,000 fires every year. Cleaning out your lint filter after every use will help reduce the amount of lint that ends in the duct system. Lint escapes through tiny gaps around the edges of the drum especially when the lint screen is full. Learn more>

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Mar 08

Rebates and Incentives

As the seasons change we often realize that the home we live in may not be as comfortable as it once was, or even the look. When the climate outside changes homes are affected, the earth beneath shifts and moves and when this happens cracks and openings arise. Over periods of time you may notice …

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Mar 01

Cutting Board

If you love the convenience of a wooden cutting board but you don’t use it because stained and dirty looking, try this two-step process. Scour the surface with a handful of kosher salt and a lemon until clean. Citric acid kills bacteria, while salt is acts an abrasive. Rinse and let dry. Apply mineral oil, …

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Feb 12

Leave Supply Registers Open

Circulating air flow around a home is critical in ensuring proper efficiency and temperature it also keeps your furance from having to work hard.

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Feb 08


After sealing leaks and penetrations, adding insulation is one of the many ways to reduce energy bills. Insulating the attic is fairly easy whether your home has batts or loose fill. Increasing the R-value of an insulated attic results in a more comfortable living space. Although there is a code for insulation R-values on new …

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Jan 22

Inefficient Water Heater

Every home has a water heater, as most know the operation of it is pretty simple, it holds water and gets hot to a set or preset temperature that you may have set it too, when the water goes in the tank it is cold when it comes out it is hot that’s all most …

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Jan 16

Water Heater Element

Potential concerns for a water heater may be faulty heating element if you have electric water heater the elements can go out causing the water to be cold, most water heaters have two elements one at the top and one at the bottom to check these simply, shut off power to the unit at the …

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