Mar 13

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Adding Insulation

Insulate Your HomeUnless your home was constructed specifically for energy efficiency, you can always bring the R-value up by adding more insulation. Many older homes have insulation that was installed when the home was first constructed, a lot has changed over the years. Such as the way insulation is installed, types of products used, recent code changes. All these factors add up to what makes your home more comfortable. Inspecting your attic for the correct levels is an important step, determining if you need to add more, consult your local building department to get an updated R-Value. The building official will most likely tell you how many (inches) the insulation should be, and then all you have to do is figure out how much you currently have. You may even qualify for a tax credit.


Attic AccessTo do this simply find the attic access, if you have a garage it will be recessed in the ceiling most openings are 24’’x 24’’. The other most common place to find the access is in a hallway or closet, you will have to get the ladder push the lid up and over there is most likely a light switch close to reach (but bring a flashlight just in case most of the times the bulb needs to be replaced. From here use a ruler or tape measure to determine your homes thickness, or depth (inches); simply poke your measuring device down through insulation till it stops. Say you have 6 inches and you need a total of 13 inches you will then need to add 7 inches.


Before you decide whether to insulate yourself or hire a qualified source, make sure your home is properly air sealed, what this means is to prevent air from escaping, or entering the home through cracks and openings. Check the following.

· Door Weather Stripping

· Damaged/Old Windows

· Wall Outlets and Switches

· Ductwork Not Sealed Properly

· Caulking Around Windows


In many cases you can add the insulation yourself if you feel confident. Most home centers have a machine that you can rent as long as you buy the insulation from them; insulation cost is not much different than that of the professional. To get more info. Insulating your home is one of the best ways to add value, reduce energy bills, and increase overall comfort.

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