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Add Some Sand To Your Lawn

The season is about to change getting your yard ready and looking its best will require some work and a little time. As the ground changes, or the unexpected visitors that burrow around making Swiss cheese out of our lawn then the work really begins. Trying to get the perfect lawn is a top priority for most a beautiful well manicured and leveled lawn is something to be proud of. If your lawn is not level or if you have low spots you can do this.


1.       Go to the home center and pack up a 5olb bag of sand the least expensive will do.

2.      Locate low spots you can mark with a marking paint if many are present.

3.      A 5 gallon bucket works well to put sand in (makes easier to carry around) wheelbarrow works too.

4.      Place some sand in the low spot avoid placing too much as you want the grass to grow through.

5.      When grass becomes like the rest of the lawn or sand cannot be seen add more to low areas.

6.      Repeat process until you’re satisfied with the results.


The above steps can take months or even years depending on how severe the low spots are, if you find spots that are really low you might consider cutting out a square section adding some soil conditioner then sod. One thing to keep in mind is that sod from the home centers often does not match existing lawns. Adding sand to low spots is a simple and effective way to get that beautiful looking lawn we all desire.

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