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Air Condtioner

Air ConditionerAbout half of a home’s annual energy bill comes from heating and cooling (gas and electric). Air conditioners that are placed in direct sunlight use 10% more energy. This not only increases your energy bill but also increases the air conditioners ability to provide the same level of comfort that might ordinarily be possible at lower temperature days. It’s a good idea to plant shrubs or a small trees around your air conditioner keep in mind that shrubs will grow as well as trees so place them accordingly, you don’t want to enclose or block air flow to the unit. Consider building an overhang off the side of the house or have an awning installed, keeping you’re unit from the sun will allow it to run more efficiently. If installing a window air conditioner try placing it on a side of the house that gets the least amount of sun. Installing an awning Cleaningover it will improve its efficiency. Spending a couple hours a year on basic maintenance-washing out the fins, cleaning out the debris, and checking the wiring will improve the overall longevity, performance and efficiency of the unit.  The copper fins inside the unit help to dissipate heat from the coils. Hot air is created by compressing a gas to a liquid and to reduce heat cool air is pulled in from the outside over the copper fins and coils resulting in a cooler operation. As the fan pulls air through the air conditioner it picks up dirt from the air, over periods of time the dirt accumulates on the fins and coils ultimately reducing air flow. Cleaning your air conditioner can be easily done with an all purpose degreaser, most home centers carry a full line of ready to use products including earth friendly ones. To clean the air Wash Cleanconditioner simple mix per directions and spray, letting the product work for 5 to 10 minutes then grab the garden hose and rinse clean. Depending on the region in which you live, dusty roads, presence of trees, or where lots of field mowing is you may need to service your air conditioner more frequently.

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