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Avoid Concrete Mistakes

Ordering the Right Amount

If you’re ordering concrete always round up or order extra, never short yourself in any case the driver will haul away the extra. Example if the project calls for 1.60 yards then you will want to order 2 yards.

Not Checking the Forecast

Too cold, rainy, or even too hot could destroy a freshly poured slab whether setting to slow or to fast can become a concern especially for the novice.

Not Having the Right Tools

Improper tools can prove to make a pour challenging the last thing you want to do is run to the home center for a forgotten tool.

Removing Forms Too Early

It’s easy to get excited to see how the finished product turned out, better to let the concrete dry for a day at least 24 hours depending on the weather may be necessary to leave on for two days, then look at your work being glad you waited.

Working Alone

Line up helpers more the better extra help lightens the load avoiding costly mistakes and situations where the concrete becomes hard and unworkable.

Schedule a Pump

A big concrete pour is a job in its own, not to mention when the truck arrives the trucks chute only reaches out about 15 ft don’t expect what you might know a pump makes light work on a big pour.

Wheel Barrows

A full load of concrete can crush a garden wheel barrow use heavy duty ones even if you have to rent one, and be sure that each helper has one.

Proper Amount of Rebar

If your concrete mix has a fiber in it this only helps with surface cracks never rely on this for strength always use the proper amount of rebar this is the backbone of a slab. A good rule is 6 inches on the edges and 12 inches in the field with 3 inches of overlap.

Sprinkle Water

Very tempting to add a little water for that smooth look when finished troweling all this does is weaken the concrete and has the potential for flaking later.

Not Ready

Having the right tools lined up in a bucket or two with floats and trowels ready if the weather is hot don’t get burned keep the mix right don’t let the delivery driver add any water, also have some extra wood on hand in case of a blow out and keep one for a screed. Being prepared and organized is the key to a successful and well thought out pour.

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