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Choosing The Right Roller Pad

Roller PadsWhen choosing a roller pad the first concern is what type of surface is going to be painted smooth or textured, ¼ inch short nap to ¾ inch long nap is fine. But when painting stucco or old fashioned popcorn ceiling a nap of 1 ¼ inch may be required.

What type of paint will be applied most rollers are made with a synthetic fibers which work with all paints, when applying oil based finishes choosing a natural fiber roller pad will be the best option.

Another rule to consider is how smooth does the paint need to be glossy paints tend to show a stippled finish in this case choose a shorter nap. Flat paints are more forgiving so the nap is not as critical, often times a ½ nap works well and also how the roller applies the paint is key pushing the roller may leave the paint smoother, but pulling the roller may leave the paint looking rough. Roller pads come in many sizes, lengths and diameters.

Most of the time a common 9 inch roller frame and pad work well in some cases there may be a tight spot where a 3 inch of the same diameter will work better. A typical 1 inch roller sometimes does not fit in those certain places such as the wall behind the toilet or the wall behind the radiator. You may need to use a 6 inch roller which has a ¾ inch diameter.

A mention about quality when purchasing roller pads yes there are those packs at the home centers for a lessor cost and quality those are great if you’re going to use them once and throw away or use on a certain applications. Using a lessor quality roller pad to apply oil based paints as the oil paint pulls the fibers out of the pad leaving the walls with a fuzzy like finish. Purchasing quality roller pads that will last a long time is always a good investment; consider spending a few more dollars to get quality, you will notice and your paint will to.

Whether you paint on occasion or a seasoned professional buying the best possible roller pads and using the correct nap for the correct wall texture will ensure that next painting job goes smoothly.

Just a note about popcorn ceilings if the texture is fresh and new, don’t paint this with any roller or even the correct 1 ¼ inch roller pad, it must be sprayed with an airless for best results. What will happen is that when you go to roll on paint with the 1 ¼ inch nap roller pad it actually pulls the texture off the ceiling, the 1 ¼ inch nap plus all that paint in the roller pad it ends up being too heavy and all your new texture could end up on the floor.

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