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Dryer Lint


When the dryer lint screen gets clogged airflow is restricted. Lint can be ignited a few different ways, below are some examples of how a fire can start in a dryer.

ü Lint can be ignited by electric heating elements or gas burners.

ü Spark from the motor travels through lint lined duct system.

ü Spark from zippers or buttons on clothes can ignite lint in duct system.

Dryer Panel TabsTo make sure this does not happen in your home, check the duct system frequently. To do this simply unplug dryer and shut off gas. Pull dryer away from the wall and disconnect dryer vent hose from dryer side. Make sure to vacuum the vent hose thoroughly, also available at most home centers is a lint eater which consist of an auger, lint brush, vacuum adapter, dryer adapter and flexible rods. Cost is about $30. Using this tool makes eScrew Caps Front Panel Lowerasy work to clean duct system that is in the wall or under the house. If your duct system has more than 10ft of run before exiting the home do this more often lint will build up in the duct system up to half inch. Most dryers are easily taken apart with a screwdriver, the top of the dryer usually has clips or tabs using a flat tip screwdriver insert under the front edge push in and pry up there will be one on each side, (peek to look for wires attached to top panel). This will give you access to the duct for the lint screen depending on model of dryer. Otherwise newer models have ducting on the bottom and in the back of the Screw Inside Front Paneldryer. Simply pull off front panel most have screws, look for plugs that hide the screw head, disconnect door switch wires. Screws should be exposed on the lower back panel. Clean the motor area very well using a dryer brush or bottle brush and a vacuum. If you have access to a little compressed either from a compressor or compressed air in a can, this works well cleaning the motor and heating element, compressed air can be a littlRear Access Panele messy but well worth the extra effort. Finally reassemble back panel first then make sure to align front panel with drum, then set top panel back down. Reattach dryer vent hose to dryer, plug in turn on gas if applicable and your clothes may just dry a little faster. Remember to clean lint screen after every use.

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