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Repair Tips


RepairLearning how to repair those minor to major tasks in and around your can save you money. Managing that overwhelming “To Do” list becomes more complicated with so many projects and repairs. But knowing how and where is key. 911 Handyman has practical advice that can help you feel more confident about doing it yourself.

For example, find answers on how to repair stripped screws on door hinges, to preventing exterior trim from becoming water damaged. These types of repairs are part of a year round maintenance, but can help to extend the life of your doors and hardware, not to mention increasing the value of your home. 911 Handyman helps by providing answers, step by step instructions and pictures, helping you to resolve those many tasks from your “To Do” list.

911 Handyman can help determine if you have the proper amount of time to invest in a project. Click below.

Door Hinge Repair>

Water Heater Dip Tube>

Water Heater Element>

Clean Lint From Dryer>

Preserve Your Shovel>

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