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Seal Paints and Stains

Press & SealOften times when purchasing paint’s and stains most try to purchase the right amount but it seems to be a little under or there is a lot left over. You just completed that task and thinking to yourself about what to do with the left over paint as always most of want to save it, looking back and realizing how much that can of paint really was so you hammer the lid on and store it away. Many go to grab that same paint months or even years later by then the paint has dried or has large particulate in so it gets thrown out after letting it harden. Technology over the years has evolved new gadgets, and new products allowing for a result. If you can keep the air out of the substance it will last for many years yes it will separate but will still be ok to use. Press and seal is like a clear plastic wrap but has a slight stickiness to it on one side so if you do loose the lid this will suffice which makes this product a plus. Most that know about it have it in the kitchen which makes it easy to obtain you will need to clean the top of the paint can cause you will lay this over the top and then put the lid on making for a tight fit. It’s best to double the thickness on the press and seal especially on metal lids.

Other uses you might want to consider using this product on would be wood putty or wood filler, spackling, drywall joint compound (small containers), or any product vulnerable to air. It also makes a great seal for keeping paint rollers nice if you may want to stop painting for a few hours or the day. No matter what you’re trying to seal this is a wonderful product for doing just that.

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