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Spade Bit Sharpener

We are pleased to announce the great opportunity to test and review the very first proto type from Darex Tool Manufacturing. They have once done it again a tool that will sharpen spade bits in addition to twist drill bits. The new tool is made from quality parts sleek design is unique in its own the motor that powers the twist bit sharpener also powers the spade bit sharpener once engaged. It also features a grinding wheel that can be changed to accommodate different stone grits depending on damage done to the spade bit.  Before Darex contacted us we would spend hundreds of dollars and costly amounts of labor hours visiting the hardware store to purchase new spade bits.  There new tool has comfortable positioning for the hand to push down to engage the spade bit sharpener engaging is very smooth and the operation is fairly simple. The tool comes with a bit holder that allows you to sharpen one side then flip over to do the other side, it will sharpen 1/8’’ to 1 ½ spade bits. Although there were some setbacks concerning the guard that would come off due to vibration and an initial design flaw, when it was addressed to Darex they all ready had a new guard in the works. Spring pressure for the bit holder was the other concern, the bit holder would not secure the bit properly leaving the bit loose and wobbly, and when addressed to Darex they had already fixed the spring pressure for the bit holder.

Darex has a unique yet compact design although some of the concerns we had earlier in the review we came to find out the research team had already came up with a alternative to the related issues Sharpening of spade bits can now be easily done, no more wasted money throwing them out and spending costly amounts of time at the hardware store to purchase new ones.

Overall the spade bit sharpener is a great success and we are really impressed with how precise and how it accurately it sharpens, its sharpness is right there if in some cases better than the factory sharpened bits. In addition to the spade bit sharpener you get a twist drill bit sharpener in the same unique design in one price so there is no need to purchase multiple sharpening devices. Darex new product will save our company hundreds of dollars per year and we know after reviewing it will save you money as well.

Darex Tool Manufacturing plans to launch their new spade bit sharpener summer of 2010. So make sure one of these is on your wish list or in your shop or tool box. It was our pleasure to review this new product not because our company got the free tool, but we realize how many of us have spade bits and simply throw them away cause there is simply no way to sharpen them. We too know that you will love the savings and time from the new spade bit sharpener. That’s why we chose to test their new product and we believe it will revolutionize the way you use your spade bits.

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