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The Right Brush The Right Job

A great paint job begins with a quality brush; brushes consist of a handle, ferrule, and brushes. Handles come in different lengths, styles, and shapes. Longer handles make those hard to reach places possible while shorter handle brushes work best for tight areas.


A $15 to $20 2 ½ inch which most call a (cut in) brush usually are what most professionals use for the majority of interior and exterior latex based paints. This is a versatile angle and works well in most applications if the hand is steady can save lots of masking time.

China Bristle

China BristleThese brushes are great for oil based paints and stains, lacquers, and urethanes. The bristles are natural with flagged tips which are actually hairs with split ends creating a smoother finish. Using the appropriate brush for the application is best since latex paint will ruin a china bristle.


ChinexThese brushes are used for latex based paints, the bristles are synthetic and should be flagged to resemble split ends this gives a very smooth finish. Many sizes and widths are available whether choosing tapered or straight.

With many brands out there choosing a quality brush can be overwhelming consider the following when choosing a brush:

1. Does it require precise lines?

2. How much painting will need to be done?

3. Will the brush be cleaned the correct way?

4. Does the material being painted have to be smooth with little brush lines?

Quality brushes will give your paint the touch that it needs, hand crafted brushes cost more but will last a lifetime. Whether you paint a little or a lot choose a brush that fits your needs and budget.

If your painting something that neither requires precision or quality consider using a chip brush they cost about under a dollar and work great for contact cements, glues and any other task that may ruin a regular brush. They are also great for on the go where you might need to touch up something and move to the next job.

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