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Jan 12

Green Building

What is green building and how does it affect consumers. Many are seeing the bigger picture with rise of energy costs poor air quality, and landfills that are at an overwhelming rate. As we look at these concerns we see a problem, not just in our region or in the United States but also globally. …

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Dec 22

Common Door Concerns

I have been in many homes over the years, as a carpenter I would get many calls from either a sticking door, or a door that hits the door jamb or on my latest job the doors were completely off the door hinges held up by one screw. Customers often ask what causes this. My …

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Dec 21

Catch That Running Toilet

Toilet leaks are common, often the result of a flapper that has degraded. New flappers are inexpensive and easy to install. Sometimes you’ll hear those leaks but if unsure, place a couple of drops of food coloring in the tanks to see if they show up in the bowl without flushing.

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Dec 21

Holiday Saftey

It’s the best time of the season. Snow is falling, kids are excited, gifts to wrap and oh yah plenty of hot cocoa for all. There are also concerns around the home to keep in mind. Here are a few!! Trees · When choosing a live tree check for freshness, see if some of the …

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Oct 27

Furnace Filters

Keeping the air flow moving thru the house is important, keeping your furnace filters changed once a month is one of many ways to keep your furnace running at its best. What does this mean to you? Well it means a cleaner more healthful air quality in the home; it also keeps your furnace from …

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Sep 23

Stop Drafts Around Exterior Doors

With heating costs climbing, here’s an easy way to keep heat from slipping out your doors. Take a little time and inspect and or replace weather stripping and door sweeps on your exterior doors. If you do have some that needs to be replaced, it’s a pretty straight forward task. Learn more>

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Sep 21

Milk Jugs

When thinking about painting your thoughts seem to process what items are need to paint. Old milk jugs are great for touch up painting simply cut a portion off the bottom to a comfortable size using scissors, you can even cut it at an angle this makes it easier to dip brush in and out …

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Sep 20

Garbage Disposal Repair

A garbage disposal is a simple machine consisting of a motor, flywheel, and cutter heads. The most common concern is the disposal makes a humming sound when the switch is on meaning an object has been logged between the flywheel and outer part of disposal. Another concern is the reset switch has popped. Learn more>

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Aug 12

Spade Bit Sharpener Review

View our full page report on the new product available from Darex Tool Manufacturing the sharpener will launch summer of 2010.

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Aug 11

Are There Energy Hogs Lurking Around Your Home

Right now!!! there are many rebates available (depending on your area) that will help your energy bills to be reduced. There are organizations willing to pick old appliances for free, and you can also receive a rebate for up to $50. Reducing energy in and around your home will help to become green while saving …

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