Dec 22

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Common Door Concerns

Damaged Screw Hole RepairI have been in many homes over the years, as a carpenter I would get many calls from either a sticking door, or a door that hits the door jamb or on my latest job the doors were completely off the door hinges held up by one screw. Customers often ask what causes this. My reply would be either it happened at the factory where they over tightened the screw, or when the doors are sent to be stained or painted. When the doors get to the paint shop all of the hardware is removed. Usually what happens; is when the hinges are re-installed they get over tightened. It doesn’t take a lot of torque to drive the screw, most of the time it’s better to use a handheld screwdriver. If the screws are constantly removed the screw hole gets loose making it difficult to get tight especially if you use a drill to drive them in. The simple fix is a little glue and some golf tees.

· Remove hinge screws and hinge.

· Locate damaged screw hole.

· Grab a golf tee(s).

· Put a little wood glue on golf tee and some in the screw hole.

· Hammer in golf tee to screw hole, ****Do not hammer all the way down if you do it may cause the door to split****. (Be careful)

· If you can wait a few hours for the glue to dry it is best.

· Once glue is dry line up hinge and pre drill screw hole with a 3/32 drill bit.

· Install screws and hinge and install door.

· Repeat process on other door hinges if applicable.

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