Oct 27

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Furnace Filters

Keeping the air flow moving thru the house is important, keeping your furnace filters changed once a month is one of many ways to keep your furnace running at its best. What does this mean to you?

Well it means a cleaner more healthful air quality in the home; it also keeps your furnace from having to work harder to produce the same air flow. Here is a thought if your filter is clogged, it’s like you running down the street with a straw in your mouth, and your performance is not very efficient right. In the end it’s a good idea to change your filters once a month. Some ideas on choosing furnace filters are. What I have found is that 3 packs or more is the best deal. You don’t have to buy the very expensive filters. Hepa filters are available if you are sensitive to airborne pollens, or any other bacteria’s, or particulate in the home. Stay away from fiberglass filters they’re really are not effective, also don’t waste your money on reusable or washable ones, if the manufacturer has put them inside the furnace that’s just fine. Buying the pleated filters is the best ways to go not only are they inexpensive you get to throw them away. Learn more>

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