Jan 12

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Green Building

What is green building and how does it affect consumers. Many are seeing the bigger picture with rise of energy costs poor air quality, and landfills that are at an overwhelming rate. As we look at these concerns we see a problem, not just in our region or in the United States but also globally. Wasting fewer resources and keeping a healthful and comfortable home. That is basic what the going green movement is all about. As we the consumers proceed to build, remodel and improve our homes we have the opportunity to go green, although it is a fairly new concept consumers are starting to get interested in the bigger picture. Cost is the biggest factor in green building, so let’s take a good look at the phrase “What Makes It Green”.

1. Centrally located high efficiency furnace with energy recovery ventilation, and a whole house filtered air system.

2. Energy star appliances, tankless water heaters, energy star rated windows.

3. Low voc paints and stains.

4. Flooring and carpets that have fewer chemicals that tend to off gas for many years to come.

5. Insulation from recycled materials.

6. Sealing all perimeters of the home from air leakage and entry.

7. Using products and or equipment to minimize energy waste while maximizing energy efficiency.

Keeping a close watch on building practices and low energy consumption are key goals.

NAHB (National Association Home Builders) states that by the end of 2009 more than 50% of its members will be calling themselves green builders. What this means to the consumers; is they will have availability to build and design more energy efficient homes and more products will be readily available.

As we consider many choices on products and services, learning that those who are producing these products and services must adapt to green building standards. Which in the end tends to drive up the cost? As we look at long term effects on the environment and our health it may be worth the few extra dollars we spend.

In conclusions what you do does make a difference with so many products and services out there choosing to go green benefits everyone even though the cost may be a little more, the long term has way more benefits including a healthy and comfortable home. Energy Trust

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