Dec 21

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Holiday Saftey

It’s the best time of the season. Snow is falling, kids are excited, gifts to wrap and oh yah plenty of hot cocoa for all. There are also concerns around the home to keep in mind. Here are a few!!


· When choosing a live tree check for freshness, see if some of the needles are hard to pull off, if they are it means it has been there for some time, also there will be pitch on the main trunk also at the base of the tree. Needles should not fall on the ground when tree is tapped on the ground.

· When you arrive at home with your new tree cut a 2 inches off of the trunk, this will expose fresh woodand allow for better water absorbtion, and keeps your tree from becoming a fire hazard.

· When setting up your tree, one tip is to purchase a sturdy tree stand if you don’t already have one. Keep your tree away from air vent(s) either in the floor, wall or ceiling, if you can avoid this it will help the tree to not dry out. Keep tree away from wall heaters or portable heaters.

· Remember to keep plenty of water in your tree stand, cause in the house your air temp is close to 70 degrees, the tree will dry out rapidly.


· Check all lights it’s a good idea to plug them in even if you just purchased them .Before putting them on the tree, nothing is more frustrating than lights that don’t work. Check wiring for damaged, broken or loose sockets replacing any and all bulbs along the way.

· If you are hanging lights outdoors make sure they are rated for outdoor use, it should say indoor/outdoor. Also never plug in more than 3 light strands at one time unless you know how many amps the wiring for wall outlet plug is, usually the breaker will pop if it is overloaded, or could result in a fire.

· Falling off ladders is a very common injury. More than 500,000 people are treated for ladder related injuries. Most shopping stores have the latest hardware for installing lights outside, such as the plastic clips for attaching lights to roof shingles, if you are using staples or nails be sure not to puncture the wiring, this could result in a shock. If at anytime you don’t feel comfortable installing lights outside always consult a local service professional.

· Always plug in lights to a GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters). If you don’t have a wall outlet with GFCI plug, you can purchase external ones to plug into the wall outlet cost about $10 available at most home centers. Doing this will avoid potential shocks.

· Timers are a great investment, with the holiday “To-Do list” getting longer, using timers not only reduces energy costs, but gives you peace of mind at night, leaving lights on for long periods of time could cause a short resulting in a fire.

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