Jan 20

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Keep Air Flowing

Nearly all air conditioners and furnaces require air flow which means better efficiency and less wasted energy. Causing the units to work harder is something you should avoid, unless there is too much air or heat in a room. It is best to leave registers open along with interior doors. Doing this allows the air to move freely around your home; instead of a room that has been shut all day could cause the furnace or air conditioner to work harder trying to adjust for the warm or cool air. If you do have a room that has a varying temperature then you may have a duct leak or a poor duct design. Once the system has been repaired it’s best to have a qualified technician give it a once over. It’s a good idea to leave all registers open and don’t restrict air flow, avoid the ‘’filters’’ for supply registers they are not worth the time or money. Keep furniture and clutter away from wall and floor registers will improve efficiency and airflow.

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