Feb 03

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Local Utilities May Have Rebates

Most utility companies have rebates, whether installing a toilet or water heater from windows to appliances. We just recently learned that by changing a toilet from an old fashioned 3 gallon to a more efficient 1.5 gallon water sense toilet, the local water commission would give a rebate of $100, selected models only. The retailer will know which ones qualify or you can visit the website of your local water company, then all you have to do is obtain the paperwork from the retailer keep the box the new toilet came in, and you will need to keep the old toilet on the premises for them to verify that you up graded and how many gallons per flush. If you choose to have a plumber install it you will just be paying for the labor and new wax ring. You will be saving 50% of the water normally consumed by your old toilet thus saving you on your energy bills as well as helping the environment. If you can agree to those terms you get a very low cost toilet especially if you’re in need of a new one.

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