Apr 02

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Make Your Paint Last

If there is one task that often gets forgotten it’s the primer before paint. Choosing a quality primer will give a long lasting finish you can be proud of. For example if you decide to use a cedar, redwood, or mahogany for a project first of all your wondering why paint that type of wood.

1. Looks great when painted.

2. Paint gives a long lasting protection from the elements.

3. Using the right primer will ensure no bleed thru.

Most of the specialty and costly woods that we tend to like have natural tannins that can bleed thru even with an all purpose primer or stain blocker, even the best oil based primers don’t block out the tannins. We recently came across Benjamin Moore product called Busan a 100% acrylic exterior primer, this primer will actually encapsulate the tannins or stains not just covering them this allows the paint to adhere and never have bleed thru. Although the cost is $37.25 for a gallon it’s well worth it and goes a long way. One trait we learned from the product is that it’s thinner than an all purpose primer which allows it to get in those cracks and imperfections.

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