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New Construction


FoundationStarting your project of right, whether you’re building your first home or simply adding some much needed space to your existing home. 911 Handyman has some construction tips and suggestions to help your project get started off right. There are many things to consider when thinking about building or renovating. With many designs to choose from and readily available products building your home is a great choice but is not for everyone. If you do most of the work you can save up to 55%.

ü Do you have the dedicated time for the project? The more elaborate the home, more time will be added.

ü Is the financing in place, whether private or bank loaned, put your money where it counts.

ü There are different types of loans such as;

o Bank Loan: May be available at your personal bank, whether the run a credit report or manual underwriting. These can be difficult to get but are very good. You will need to buy house already done or a fixer upper.

o Private Loan: Either from family, friends, or groups of professionals and or organizations. Use only if a loan does not go through, or to start the project, and after project completion then switch to a conventional loan. Can buy land and then build on it.

o Mortgage Loan: Is done through a mortgage lender, such as Bank of America, Wells Fargo, these are more common home loans out there. You will need to buy a house already done or a fixer upper.

o Construction Loans: A good way to go if you can stay on task and on budget this loan if and when approved requires overall completion date. The project will usually be dived up into three phases that will need completed by a set date in order for you to get money to pay all contractors and to move to the next step.

o Choosing the right loan program takes lots of research it’s best to talk to your local agencies to come up with the right plan and loan that works for you.

ü Are you willing to work long hours making trips to home centers to purchase items, or doing the physical work yourself?

ü Are you skilled at building or a certain aspect of building such as; Framing, Floors, Concrete, landscape.

ü Tools and equipment are a must have, and having the right tools is a must. Never buy unless you will use a tool multiple times it is always more inexpensive to rent. Example: Buying a roofing nail gun can cost $250 or you can rent it $40 per day. You will save lots this way just do the math before buying the tools and equipment.

ü Talk with family and friends to see if they can help or can cut costs by helping in certain areas.

ü Your local building officials are there to help. Call local building offices and get ideas or express your concerns or ideas.

ü Never be in a hurry unless otherwise directed, remember it’s your home and you might be there a long time.

ü Check references if you decide to hire a contractor, or is licensed and insured, get a copy of these.

ü Build it right, or have it built right, talk with your builder ask him for ideas share your concerns with him build a relationship with your builder

ü Get it in writing, the most additional money made on a project is change orders be careful here and not have any. Do all the changes on the set of plans before you start construction?

ü Don’t be afraid to express your opinion and ask lots of questions.

ü Investing money in the areas of the home is well worth the extra cost.

Floor JoistsRegardless of your ability to do it yourself or hire a contractor making the best decisions possible and taking the time to research, review and ask questions is the key to a successful project. Whether choose to build a Green Home, or an elegant Victorian. 911 handyman has more ideas to keep your project on task.

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