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Cleaning Rain Gutters

During the rainy season gutters provide a channel for the rainwater to be directed away from the house. Gutters provide protection by keeping water away from siding, windows, doors, and most important the foundation & basement areas. To do this gutters and downspouts need to free of leaves, debris and sand particulate from the roof, …

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Mitered Return

A mitered return is an elegant look to finish ends on running moldings, such as baseboards, chairail, and aprons. Start by cutting a 45 degree angle on the end that will have the return, using a scrap section of the same material to cut the mitered return piece. It’s easiest to lay the material flat …

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Selecting Trim Styles & Materials

Houses built in a certain architectural era have distinct trim style patterns, your house can tell you a lot especially if you plan to remodel or add-on existing trim may suggest you match the new with the old however there are many design options if you’re not set on matching the existing look or feel. …

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Self Adhesive Flashing

Applying self adhesive flashing around windows and doors and any other vulnerable areas of the house is an effective way to prevent moisture and air infiltration. Most commonly sold in rolls of varying lengths and widths most common types are a butyl-based adhesive and those with a rubberized asphalt-based adhesive.   Butyl Is more expensive …

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Tile Caulk

Ever wondered how cracks seems to appear in grout lines around the backsplash any place where tile meets the wall. These cracks happen for a couple of reasons. 1.       Your home is brand new and with new construction the house will settle and continue to over the years causing hair line cracks. 2.       The tile …

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What’s The Difference Saftey Glasses

 SAFETY GLASSES  Three types of lens material With safety being the top priority while working, an estimated 2,000 eye injuries occur each day in Americas work places, these injuries could have been prevented with the proper safety eyewear with so many style and lens choices available for safety glasses choosing the best material is vital …

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