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Mitered Return

A mitered return is an elegant look to finish ends on running moldings, such as baseboards, chairail, and aprons. Start by cutting a 45 degree angle on the end that will have the return, using a scrap section of the same material to cut the mitered return piece. It’s easiest to lay the material flat and have the piece facing the direction it will be installed, cut a 45 degree then where the 45 degree and 90 degree meet cut straight down you may need to draw a reference line if needed (if you have a successful mitered return it will be the same width as the material is thick) depending on the wood material and profile the return can be fragile. Either use a pneumatic pin nailer or pre-drill a couple of 1/16 inch holes and use a 4d or 6d finish nail approximately 1 inch to 1 ½ inches long. Be careful when using a hammer as a miss hit could break the piece once close to the piece use a nail set to finish You can also use yellow glue for a stronger joint and to ensure it stays together, you can also use a little hot melt glue to help it set quickly (craft style glue gun works well).

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