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What’s The Difference Saftey Glasses


 Three types of lens material

With safety being the top priority while working, an estimated 2,000 eye injuries occur each day in Americas work places, these injuries could have been prevented with the proper safety eyewear with so many style and lens choices available for safety glasses choosing the best material is vital in providing the best protection.



While having the best optics glass lenses are less demanding due to the cost, the optical quality makes this a great choice for prescription safety glasses. Glass is durable and scratch resistant but is heavy and cost more, although glass lenses can be tempered industry experts still don’t recommend this type for most jobsites because better lenses are available.



These lenses are lighter and more comfortable than glass but need to be thick to meet industry impact resistant standards plastic lenses, plastic lenses are more scratch resistant than polycarbonate lenses and will usually last longer. The cost for plastic and polycarbonate is relatively the same, plastic lenses do require an ultraviolet treatment for versions that will be worn outside. It’s a good idea to keep a couple pairs in the work vehicle as a scratch(s) can exist after an object hits the lens, making it difficult to see.



Being the most impact resistant this type of lens is popular for nonprescription and prescription safety glasses, the lens material is softer and absorbs energy without shattering it also offers 100 % ultraviolet protection. Most polycarbonate lenses come with scratch resistant coatings; industry experts suggest using these on most jobsites.



Most safety glasses can be purchased at home centers, equipment rental yards, and even your local lumber yard. Safety glasses should always have a Z87.1 marking on them usually located on the inside of the frame near the lens. The Z87.1 marking means ANSI has approved safety glasses for impact resistance and meets specific guidelines to keep the individual safe, all safety glasses with a Z87.1 meets OSHA requirements. If there is no Z87.1 marking don’t use them. Never compromise safety for comfort and convenience regular glasses or sunglasses can be just as dangerous as going without eye protection. Many manufactures make regular glasses with impact resistant polycarbonate lenses that doesn’t mean there suitable for construction work. Always look for the Z87.1 marking, and keep a couple of extra pairs on hand.  

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