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Before You Build


BuildingIf you are planning to build your first home or dream home. 911 Handyman has suggestions that can help your new home become Energy Efficient while saving you some green. Whether you decide to design the home yourself or work closely with an architect. Knowing where to save is a key to building a quality and energy efficient home for many years to come. Although you are going to encounter areas of the home where you might not be able to conserve due to the fact of a fine detail you may want to add in. Such as a stained glass window that is not very efficient, to the pet door that gets cut in the wall or new door. Gathering all the information you can, will make it easier to create an enjoyable long lasting home. You will be excited about reducing your overall energy bills. Some tips are.


· Most states and especially the Federal Government have setup programs for those who are planning to build a new home or want to conserve energy most of them are Rebate or Incentive based which means they will require you to fill out form(s) and then you will receive a check or tax credit.

· Local utility company’s offer new construction benefits as well for many of the areas in and around your home (Rebates and incentives vary by State) here are a few

Ø Water Heaters (High Efficiency gas or Tankless units).

Ø Energy Star Appliances

Ø Wall, Attic & Floor Insulation

Ø Pipe Insulation

Ø High Efficiency Forced Air Furnace

Ø Windows & Doors

Ø Chimney Damper

Ø Programmable Thermostat

Ø Heat Pump/AC Unit

· The way a new home is constructed is an energy saving in itself, depending on materials used to how the home is positioned on the property. It all adds up to substantial savings.

· Thinking of adding a landscape you can benefit here as well, placing trees on the property can shade the house in the summer, while adding a hedge blocks wind & dust.

· With many available resources, rebates, incentives, and tax credits to benefit you and your new home, whether its $25 or $500 it all adds up to potentially save thousands on your new home or dream home.


Insulate Your HomeWith so many ideas and ways to improve the look and efficiency of your new home getting all the facts product information is key. Although the best way to save on a new home is to build it yourself that option is not for everyone. Work with your builder/contactor to develop a plan for too conserve while giving your house everything you have dreamed of. With a well thought out plan and lots of research you too can have a successful home building experience.

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