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Drawer Slides


Three choices

Deciding to order new cabinets, building them yourself, or planning to upgrade existing ones, drawer slides are important. There are a few things to consider when choosing slides, what kind of contents will the drawer hold, access to the back of the drawer, whether or not you want to have the slide visible. Drawer slides come with 3/4 inch to full extension and even concealed with self closing feature that gives a nice cushion protecting the drawer from damage. If you intend to build the cabinets yourself choose the slides first this will determine finished width of the drawer, necessary for the width of the finished opening. Cost: $6 for a pair of 22 inch slides;

Euro Slides

Euro SlideAlso called utility slides inexpensive and readily available at most home centers, more common in lower end cabinets and have only a ¾ inch extension which can leave you reaching the back quarter of the drawer. These slides are bottom mount requiring a ½ inch gap between the drawer and the cabinet. These slides are economical but not as smooth as ball bearing slides, one nice feature here is that the drawers are easy to remove and put back. Cost: $6 for a pair of 22 inch slides;

Ball Bearing slides

Ball Bearing SlidesCome in many types of cabinets, from office filling drawers to kitchen cabinet drawers, these slides are most common in full extension meaning the entire drawer comes out from the cabinet making it easier to access and use the entire drawer. These also come in 3/4 inch extensions as well; they also come in over travel which allows you to extend the drawer beyond the opening, convenient for when the countertop overhangs the cabinet. Installation requires a 1/2 inch gap on the insides of the drawer mounting is similar to euro slides. Ball bearing slides have a smooth operation and have a 75 lb rating with 2 inch increments. Cost: $15 for a pair 22 inch slides;

Under Mount Slides

Under Mount SlidesThese mount under the drawer and are the only slides that can’t be seen when the drawer is open. These slides are extremely smooth operating and some versions feature a cushioned self closing mechanism these slides are designed to show off premium quality drawers. More demanding to install as the depth and width need to be correct and the drawer needs to be a certain distance above the drawer slides, some installations may require notching on the back of the drawer too accommodate the slide very smooth operation and have a 75lb rating with 3 inch increments. Cost: $30 for a pair of 21 inch slides;

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