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Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Contractor

Whether you’re the avid DIYer, you’ll eventually have a project or renovation that will be too big to tackle yourself. That’s when you hire a contractor. Let’s face it choosing a contractor is a difficult task, deciding even more challenging how to know if you’re getting the best deal? First make sure you follow the all time advice, by simply asking friends, and family and even co-workers that can recommend a contractor, making sure you feel comfortable with and verifying that the contractor has been in business for some time and has the liability insurance and or workers compensation insurance. When you meet with each contractor to discuss the job, asking these questions will give you confidence that you’re getting the most for your dollar.
Exterior Paint
Painting the outside of the house is very expensive what you don’t want to see in a few years is flaking paint, Asking these questions will improve your chance of getting a quality paint job should last for many years to come.
1. How do you plan to prepare the surface for painting?
2. Will you use a quality primer?
3. Are you planning to caulk gaps and cracks?
4. Will you caulk a second time if needed?
5. Are you planning to apply two coats of paint?
6. What type of caulking will be used?
7. What types of paint do you plan to use?
Concrete Walkways
A big investment if done right will last for many years to come, poorly installed concrete can crack, settle and buckle leaving you wishing you spent the few extra dollars to get a premium job. Asking these questions can you get the best results.
1. How do you plan to prepare the base for the concrete?
2. Do you plan to use rebar to reinforce the concrete?
3. Are you planning to put control joints in or cut them in?
4. Will you apply a curing agent when finished?
5. How thick will the concrete be?
6. What are the pounds per square inch (PSI) for the concrete?
7. Will you mix in a portable mixer, or have it delivered?
Seamless gutters add charm and value to any home making sure you get a quality installation by asking the right questions will ensure money well spent look for a contractor with many years in the business.
1. Is there a slope calculation for proper drainage?
2. What size of gutter are you planning to use?
3. Are you going to install a debris shield?
4. Will you install edge metal/ gutter flashing?
5. Do you paint gutters or can color gutters be ordered?
6. Does your bid include gutter extensions?
7. Do you install drainage pipe to take water away from the house?
Tile Floors
Properly installed tile floors should last year’s cutting corners could result costly repairs here are some questions to ask your next flooring contractor, giving you peace of mind knowing a successful job that you will be excited to walk on.
1. Are you planning to level the floor and repair cracks?
2. Can you install radiant floor heat?
3. What type of tile do you plan to use ceramic or porcelain?
4. How will you transition from different floor heights?
5. Do you plan to use a grout sealer or a grout with a sealer in it?
6. Are you going to use a mastic or thin-set to install the tile?
7. Will you use a tile caulk in areas that are likely to crack?
Having cabinets built to fit your needs and space can increase value to any home; cabinets are opened and closed frequently spending the extra dollars to get a qualified contractor. Ask these questions to ensure a well built and installed set of cabinets.
1. Can you draw a sketch of how the layout will look?
2. What kind of wood will you use and will you use wood glue?
3. Do you use quality hardware in your cabinets?
4. Do you install the cabinets or sub-contract that out?
5. Are we allowed to visit your shop to see the cabinets being built?
6. Are you planning to start any big jobs?
7. How long will it take to complete?
Deciding to hire the right contractor could prove to be the best investment you’ll have to make. Asking questions and gathering the right information will ensure your next project or renovation will look and last for decades.

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