Jan 03

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Our Top 12 Energy Savers

1. Use timers in areas of the home where lights are continually left on.

2. Add caulking around windows inside and out.

3. Seal leaks in ductwork, look for spots where duct lines meet furnace, also pipes that penetrate exterior walls.

4. Replace incandescent bulbs with compact fluorescent (CFL’s) bulbs or light emitting diode (LED’s) where applicable.

5. Wash clothes in warm or cold water depending on the detergent you use.

6. Insulate exposed hot water pipes using pipe insulation.

7. Replace return air filters/furnace filters.

8. Reduce energy and water consumption by installing low flow shower heads.

9. Install weather stripping around exterior doors.

10. Keep interior doors open this lets air flow move around the home.

11. Check thermostat setting on water heater(s) a good temp is 110-120 degrees.

12. Do full loads of laundry to conserve energy.

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