Jun 30

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Planning Ahead

We all love a well finished beautiful looking project, even the more when it all goes together well especially on time and on budget. Although there have been many times where lack of preparation and planning have compromised the overall appearance of the project. Over the years we have watched, learned and took our time preparing each size able project by simply using a pencil, paper and a ruler. Layout on paper eliminates waste, while also giving you and your helper not to mention the customer or building inspector a well excited plan on what u intend to build. The idea is that anyone skilled or not could build the project, erasers are much less expensive then lumber and labor cost. Another layout method would be to keep project design simple, example would be designing a project with measurements that work with materials in lengths that elimate waste. Example would project size 10ft 6inches x 8ft 8inches. Building with dimensions like 10ft by 8ft makes more sense not to mention easier to use and more earth friendly.

Build smart , Build Safe, Build Efficient.

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