Jan 24

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Preserve Your Shovel

During the changing of the seasons you may notice the wood handle becomes loose from the actual shovel head. It wiggles a bit each year although they do make a fiberglass shovels, there is something about that old wooden shovel that most of us like could it be the wood or maybe that shovel has some history. Whatever the case maybe it is not broken so it continues to get used and the decision to purchase a new one is out a lot of the times shovels that are stored inside are most likely to become loose at shovel head, When wood becomes dry it contracts therefore causing the loose feeling when digging. There is hope for that old shovel; simply fill an old 5 gallon bucket full of water and place shovel in it, it does not have to be left outside you can leave in a dry space such as a garage. This will ensure that the handle soaks up enough water creating a tighter fit with the shovel head.

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