May 09

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Prevent House Fires

Built-up lint inside dryer cabinets causes more than 15,000 fires every year. Cleaning out your lint filter after every use will help reduce the amount of lint that ends in the duct system. Lint escapes through tiny gaps around the edges of the drum especially when the lint screen is full. Learn more>

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  1. As a single dad I do all my own home repairs and find I am able to fix nearly everything pretty easily sometimes I do use professional help.

    Hey 911Handyman,
    I take your point, Please answer professionally. This is for my high school assignment.
    What is your name, age, and occupation?

    My school assignment is to make a fire prevention device that helps prevent house fire. What capabilities do you think this device should have?

    Do you have any suggestions on preventing or stopping a house fire?

    (Optional) Do you have any suggestion on making this device?

    Last question. In your opinion, what is the most important attribute of teamwork?

  2. Jasper

    Thanks for the Questions.

    Jasper, Business Owner

    Currently I think smoke detectors and alarms are not enough, the ability to notify you if a fire occurred whether big or small.
    Preventing only comes from awareness and trainings through courses. Being in the industry I see a lot of homes that do not even have a Fire
    Extinguisher, code is working on implementing sprinkler systems in new construction.

    As far as constructing this it would need to withstand high heat, at least for a signal to go off to notify you and or the fire dept. It could even have a camera
    inside to see in case the camera could see how the fire started.

    Being able to know what the next move will be in other words reading or anticipating the co-works next move.

    Hope all is well and this helps.


  3. Tammy Dalton

    We recently purchased a new drier and when trying to install the vent the drier vent pipe behind the wall broke? This is beyond our abilities!

  4. Jasper

    We can help you. Please call us at 541-840-0353.

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