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Carpenter’s Pencil

Carpenter's PencilThe carpenter’s pencil has been around for quite some time and is a favorite for most builders and carpenter’s. Leave your pencil sharpener at home all it takes to keep this sharp is a utility knife, no lead in this pencil all graphite core wrapped with wood. Over the years makers of these pencils have changed wood material(s) you’ll find that sometimes the wood is easier to sharpen and other times its not it soley depends on the manufacturer. We have found that the pencils from home centers with the logo or name on them work the least. The pencils that are 50 cents or more are the most effective. These pencils are great to use, they work in dry or wet to very wet conditions, They also are flat on two sides so it can be used as a straight edge, and when rested against wood material it makes a straight line. Work great as a shim for windows or even doors cause they are flat. Its pretty tough to break them if they tend to get left in the pocket or dropped. Overall a great tool with a few different uses and great to use when building.

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