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When installing trim, or working with various types of wood(s) keeping tight miters and joints is the key to successful project. While there are many types of glues available, these four types are most common.


GlueAlso known as yellow glue and white glue have become the most commonly used woodworking glue. Yellow glue sets quicker than white glues yet the bonding is the same between the two, white glues are slower setting and more relaxed allowing more time and flexibility when gluing up large or more delicate pieces. Manufactures of titebond have developed glue especially for trim and wood working allowing a quick bond between the two pieces. Also works well on small intricate pieces.


GlueKnown as super or instant, crazy glues these glues work great for splinters, splits and breaks. These glues also work great for those complicated angles and can be used to fasten miters instantly while the slower setting yellow or white glues cure. These types of glues come in different strengths from common household to industrial uses. Also comes in a gel liquid.


GluesIs a relatively new product widely used for gaps and large cracks in trim or wood? This product tends to foam and expand slightly; it is great for exterior uses and can be used on stone, metals, plastics, and wood. Since this product does expand it needs to be clamped or secured so that the joints don’t separate and damage your work. It’s waterproof and does not breakdown when exposed to outdoor elements.


GluesAvailable in small applicator tubes for small projects, or larger round tubes for construction projects, most commonly available in tubes for a caulking gun. These have an extreme amount of holding power but require some time to set and more time to cure. Most of these brands are petroleum based so avoid using them indoors unless in a well ventilated area, use a respirator if sensitive to smells and voc’s. The most common uses for this product is installing sub-flooring, underlayment or when gluing two pieces of material together.

As mentioned above these products have their place where they can be used depending on the material and application depends on the type of glue used.

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