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Miter Clamp

Cutting miters to figuring out the right degrees can prove to be challenging, getting to two angles to meet perfectly when installing is frustrating, with the right miter clamp and advice you too can install trim like a pro. All you need is a ratcheting handy clamp, a few ¾ inch long #6 or #8 screws, and a 3/16 drill bit.

1. Locate a handy clamp that has a ratcheting mechanism this will help to close the gap on the two miters, look Miter Clamp Detailfor ones that have removable feet depending on how many you decide to make or how often you install trim. Usually packs of two or four are less expensive. We have found that bessey clamps work best.

2. Pickup a pack of ¾ inch long #6 or #8 Phillips head screws.

3. Grab your drill and 3/32 drill bit. Miter Clamp

4. Remove the feet off of the clamp, drill a 3/16 hole through the center of the clamp at a 45 degree angle leaving enough plastic for strength (see pictures for example).

5. Start the ¾ inch #6 or #8 screw it’s best to do this step by hand with a screwdriver (a drill has too much torque Miter Clamp Detailand could strip out plastic) screw the screw all the way in it should stick out ¼ inch.

6. Optional for extra strength you could use a little super glue, krazy glue, loctite.

7. Now you’re ready to install trim like a pro.

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