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Portable C02

Portable CO2Looking to add value or simply wanting to complete those small jobs or honey do’s. From managing rentals to repairing your own home managing your time wisely is where you can save big. Our service professionals know how and when to use the appropriate tools, this is a favorite; Portable C02 will improve the efficiency and quality of those home improvements and repairs. Most of the time spent on a job is setup so if you don’t have to drag around all the equipment, and all you do is grab this little unit and nail gun of choice your ready to work saving time and money. Most paintball and sporting good stores will refill a 9 ounce bottle for $3.

A larger 24oz bottle size can be purchased at sporting good stores it will need to be refilled. Total cost for the unit from jac-pac is around $75 plus the cost of bottle fill. A full 9 ounce bottle can shoot up to 150 to 200 brad nails. Whether the professional or hobbyist this tool can serve all your needs without the setup time.

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