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Speed Square

Speed SquareThe right tool for the right job helping you every step of the way from cutting to straight lines to figuring out complex rafter cuts a speed suare is a must this tool has many great features, such as degrees for angles common cuts and inch markings for quick cuts without pulling out your tape. Its a great tool for squaring up lumber or can even flipped end over end to mark very large pieces of lumber that span over 12 inches giving you a perfectly straight line to cut from. Even though most professionals have one its not just for the pro any one who works with wood or metal needing just a straight edge his product is available at most home centers for $8, its made from a lightweight aluminum it also comes with a little blue book that’s very helpful in many different stages of building giving you ideas and strategies. Swanson speed square is the most commonly used square, so whether your wanting to cut a simple set of stair stringers to a complex roof system this tool will help you to acheive what you thought was impossible.

Our service professionals know what maters the most saving you time while completing the task so you can spend time what you enjoy doing the most our ideas come from many years of experience and we look foward to passing them onto are most valuable asset. Being you the customer, so go out there and see how this tool can make your next project and many others a much easier and more enjoyable one.

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