Jun 14

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Re-Use Those Old Socks

Ever wondered how or what to do with those old socks. Throwing them out is tough to do most of the time the part of the sock that gets bad is the big toe area socks in general are made of 100% cotton and are usually have some thickness to them which make them great for rags or applicators or general cleaning. With lots of home improvement tasks to do especially painting socks work great for this you can use them for a caulk rag, or keep in the pocket for when you need to wipe of paint from the unexpected area, socks also work great for staining even though you will need to toss them when your task is complete one thing nice here is the socks fit nice on the hand. Socks are good for many tasks.

1. Cleaning the wheels on your car or truck getting in those hard to reach areas.

2. Painting or staining.

3. Applying shoe polish or boot grease.

4. Put ice in the sock and use for an ice pack.

5. Put a few pairs on the top of the extension ladder where it rests against the house; use a little tape to secure them.

6. Cold drinks use as an insulator, keeps the condensation off and the beverage cold.

7. Cleaning pad for your ready mop, or swiffer the sock fits nice and snug, it cleans really well and you can wash then using again and again. No more having to buy those expensive cleaning pads. A typical house will use 2-3 cleaning pads. So this can save lots of green while being green.

Socks are great for many uses in or around the home so the next time you change your socks think about all the possibilities a pair can do, and also save a little green. Keeping a grocery bag in the shop or laundry area is a great way to keep them handy.

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