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Go Green

                    GOING GREEEN SAVES YOU GREEN

Go Green

Most likely youv’e heard of the term “Green” and how confusing it is and just what makes a home green? Different methods of products how to use and where to use them is it right for you. Maybe you just don’t have the time to replace all those incandescent bulbs with new compact flourescents. You might be curious to know is that going to really save me green. Would you like to save up to 75% on your electrical lighting bill?


Department of environmental quality reports by upgrading to one compact flourescent is eqaul to nine incandescents. Ready to make the switch, although inital caost is quite more, the long tem effects is much greater. Not to mention the lighting that comes with compact flourescents. There are lots of minor home repairs, little ones like these that can add up to big savings, we understand that while you may not have time for all of these, spending time doing your favorite activities while spending quality time with loved ones. 

911 Handyman understand what it takes and that your time is valuable. With the honey do list ever growing and can become out of control not knowing where to start. Let 911 Handyman and it’s service proffesionals work wth you helping you to achieve green while saving green.

From energy star appliances, tankless water heaters, to energy star rated windows. Upgrading these can have huge advantages while helping you save, and creating a better environment and comfortable living space for you and your family. 911 Handyman completes all tasks fast and efficient while keeping quality #1.

Were not like those other guys, we are licensed, insured, and trusted Home Repair and Improvement General Contractor with 12 years of expierience, we are always continuing to educate ourselves. That means wev’e learned a few things on how to create an energy efficient homes and living space while solving those minor home repairs.

Start saving green while becoming green reducing  energy cost, and giving a better environment to future generation to come. Contact our professional handyman and learn how going green saves you green.




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